ALDI Smoke Alarm Scandal

ALDI Claims:

1. It is "committed to proving safe products",

2. It has "extensive quality assurance processes in place"

    to ensure ongoing safety and regulatory compliance.

However, ALDI:

1. Sells ionization smoke alarms that are not safe,

2. Sold ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms that were

    not compliant with Queensland's photoelectric-only legislation

    (see why Aldi's photoelectric alarms were non-compliant here).

ALDI 'Special Buys' Catalogue Extract

8 March 2017  |  Full page here

ALDI's Photoelectric &

ionization Smoke Alarms



1 January 2017

Queensland introduces photoelectric-only legislation.

ionization alarms are not compliant (photoelectric alarms
must be tested to AS3786-2014 - see below)


8 March 2017

ALDI's advertises & sells photoelectric & ionization

'twin pack' throughout Queensland. Both alarms were not compliant with Queensland's photoelectric-only legislation

(see catalogue extract).


15 March 2017

Elderly couple contact Logan House Fire Support Network

(LHFSN) seeking advice on installing ALDI smoke alarms.


16 March 2017

After LHFSN Co-Founder Louie Naumovski discovers ALDI

selling ionization and non-compliant photoelectric alarms, he exposes them on Brisbane's 4BC radio station (see below).

". . . the perfect profiteering

and putting people's lives at risk."

00:42  Louie Naumovski, LHFSN

'Brisbane Live with Ben Davis'  |   Published: 16 March 2017

'ALDI Fire Alarm Warning'

Louie Naumovski

Logan House Fire

Support Network

Ben Davis

Sports Presenter & Reporter

4BC Brisbane

00:33  Ben Davis

"We have seen that some stores

 are still selling ionised alarms."


00:41  Louie Naumovski

"Yep, the perfect marketing and

 the perfect profiteering and

 putting people's lives at risk."

Greg Mullins AFSM (ret) Commissioner FRNSW

President AFAC

". . . ionization alarms

should be banned

. . . and the standard

itself is flawed."

More > > >

More > > >

"The “deadly” ionization

so-called smoke alarms

sold in ALDI stores should

immediately be banned

and recalled before more

people are needlessly maimed or killed."

Marc McGinn (ret)

Chief, Albany Fire
Department, CA, USA

16 March 2017

ALDI states their alarms comply with 'government legislation'

and that they are able to be used in motor homes and caravans:

17 March 2017

LHFSN & WFSF contact ALDI customer service warning about life-safety issues with ionization alarms.


18 March 2017

When WFSF purchased ALDI twin pak, the store manager (falsely) claims,

"We wouldn't sell them if they didn't comply."


19 - 24 March 2017

LHFSN & WFSF request ALDI remove twin smoke alarm packs from all Queensland stores.

ALDI customer service department refuses insisting their media statement of 16 March (above) is final, that no more correspondence would be entered into, and that, "The case is closed."

(see 22 March below)


22 March 2017


Note: This does not include emails sent by LHFSN and numerous phone calls which resulted in . . .

"ALDI, quite indignant to start with, they

have changed their mind after that pressure . . ."

04:31  Ben Davis, 4BC

'Brisbane Live with Ben Davis'  |   24 March 2017

'ALDI Withdraws Banned Smoke Alarms'

Louie Naumovski

Logan House Fire

Support Network

Ben Davis

Sports Presenter & Reporter

4BC Brisbane

00:37  Ben Davis  |  4BC

". . . that's why they've said

 ionization, no get out, but

 ALDI were still selling them."


01:32  Louie Naumovski  |  LHFSN

"As of this morning they've

 removed the sale of the dual

 pack from all Queensland stores."


1. Aldi has not warned Queensland residents that their ionization smoke alarms sold after 1 Jan 2017 are not compliant with Queenslands legislation, and

2. Aldi has not warned Queensland residents that their photoelectric alarms smoke alarms are not compliant with Queenslands legislation (AS3786-2014)

This Standards Marks Licence shows that in March 2017, when Aldi sold their Delta brand photoelectric
smoke alarms throughout Queensland, they were not compliant with Queensland's photoelectric legislation
i.e. they were manufactured (tested) to AS3786-1993*, not  AS3786-2014 as required by Queensland's legislation



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