"The scientific test data the CSIRO is withholding

from the public is the key to banning

ionization smoke alarms globally."

Adrian Butler, Chairman, Former Full-Time Fire Fighter, Co-Founder, The World Fire Safety Foundation
Australian Senate Smoke Alarm  Hearing.  |  Brisbane, Australia  |  18 Sept 2015

The Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) is one of the world's largest government-owned scientific agencies. The CSIRO is paid by manufacturers to test smoke alarms to Australia's smoke alarm standard (AS3786). The Australian Standard is overseen by the Australian Standards Fire Protection Committee (FP002).


In February 2006 a senior CSIRO materials scientist and FP002 committee member, Mr Peter Haggar, revealed that scientific smoke alarm test data held by manufacturers and the CSIRO proves that the ionization type of smoke alarm in most Australian homes do not activate until two to three times the maximum safe limit set for photoelectric alarms.


Despite requests since 2009, the CSIRO refuses, without just cause, to release the ionization smoke alarm test data.

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