Adrian Butler, Chairman, Co-Founder
World Fire Safety Foundation

22 April 2017, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Adrian Butler  Chairman, Co-Founder, WFSF

Are Your Smoke Alarms Safe?

"Are ionization smoke alarms in your home?

          Australian government (CSIRO)

                   scientific test data proves

WARNING!  All Tenants & Home Owners

There are Two Types of Smoke Alarms

10 October 2020

Open Letter To All Tenants & Landlords

Ionization Smoke Alarms

Life-Safety & Litigation Concerns


On 1 January 2011 the Northern Territory (NT) mandated photoelectric smoke alarms. On 1 January 2017, Queensland (QLD) introduced the world's most comprehensive photoelectric-only smoke alarm legislation.


Tragically, for legal and political reasons, authorities are unable and/or unwilling to warn the public that Australian government (CSIRO) scientific test data proves that the ionization smoke alarms in most QLD & NT homes have life-threatening defects.*


That's why we've built this website - to get the facts to tenants and landlords.




Thank you.



Adrian Butler                                                               Karl Westwell

Chairman, Former Fire Fighter, Co-Founder,             Researcher, Co-Founder

Tenants Lives Matter                                                   Tenants Lives Matter

World Fire Safety Foundation                                            World Fire Safety Foundation

Queensland, Australia                                                          Waikato, New Zealand



*because, despite being sensitive to cooking, ionization smoke alarms do not respond reliably
  to the presence of visible smoke, in the early, smoldering stage of most fatal fires.

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12 Jan 2016

Fire Commissioner Wants
Ionization Smoke Alarms Banned

Channel 7 News  |  NSW Edition  |   106 seconds

Channel 7 News  |  QLD Edition  |  97 seconds

“Concerns continue to grow over ionization smoke alarms with the New South Wales Fire Commissioner now calling for them to be banned.”

“The fire commissioner says Australia’s most common smoke
alarm should be banned; other experts claiming the flawed
alarms have failed to save thousands of lives.”

"This is the test for the smouldering fire at Underwriter's Laboratories.

. . . They have a false test

. . . this is why we have

the confusion.

Richard M Patton

Fire Protection Engineer

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"I think the ionization

alarm is responsible for

 as many as 10,000

deaths since 1990."

Jay Fleming
Deputy Chief, Boston Fire
Department  |  MA, USA

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NSW Fire Commissioner

& AFAC President

Wants ionization Smoke

Alarms Banned

Greg Mullins AFSM (ret) Commissioner FRNSW

Channel 7 News  |  Jan 2016

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"Australian Government (CSIRO) scientific test

 data proves the ionization alarm is defective in

 its design, manufacturing and warnings."

LaBarron Boone Esq

Partner, Beasley Allen Law
Firm  |  Alabama, U.S.A.

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"Fire safety organizations have a Duty of Care to
warn the public of the

known, life-threatening limitations of ionization smoke alarms."

Karl Westwell
Co-Founder, World Fire
Safety Foundation

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"The essence of the

problem is that no manufacturer wants

to admit there is any performance problem with ionization smoke alarms."

David Isaac
"Australia's leading fire safety expert", Member FPAA

TAC/2, Member Standards Australia  Committee FP002

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The CAN Report
'Recommending Selling

or Installing Ionization

Smoke Alarms, A Criminal Act of Negligence?'

WFSF C.A.N Report

Published: Feb 2007

"I call for the immediate removal of the fraudulent, “deadly”, ionization

so-called smoke alarm

from all stores and homes

before more people

are needlessly maimed

or killed."

Marc McGinn (ret)

Chief, Albany Fire
Department, CA, USA

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