Attention All Queensland Tenants:

Send Your 'Tenants Smoke Alarm Letter' (TSAL)
to Your Property Manager or Landlord

Why Send a Tenant's Smoke Alarm Letter (TSAL)?

Queensland's photoelectric-only smoke alarm legislation came into force on 1 Jan 2017. Even though ALDI, Bunnings, Officeworks and other stores no longer stock ionization alarms, most Queensland homes and tenancies are still fitted with them.


Landlords are not legally required to install photoelectric alarms until 1 Jan 2022. Tragically most of them do not know ionization  alarms have  proven, life-threatening defects.

The QFES Recommends that:
"Ionization smoke alarms be

 replaced with a photoelectric

 type as soon as possible."

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The R.T.A. Says Tenants Must:
"Advise the property owner/manager

 if there is any issue with the alarm

 (apart from batteries)."

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". . . the ionization alarms

have failed* the Australian

Standard since 1993."

*unable to pass scientific

tests for visible smoke conducted by the CSIRO.

Darren Curtis

Channel 9 News Brisbane

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"Ionization . . . we want

  these banned . . . get it

out of your home."

Louie Naumovski

Founder, Logan House
Fire Support Network

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QLD Fire Commissioner

". . . photoelectric alarms

. . . for us, it is about

saving lives."

Katarina Carroll APM Commissioner QFES

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