Richard Patton, chaired the world’s first residential fire detection standard and is the developer of the residential sprinkler system. He was the first person to expose the problem with ionization smoke detectors in his 1976 report, ‘The Smoke Detector Fraud’.

         “The smoke detector fraud and cover-up are felonies. The phony smoke
  detector fraud not only has caused tens of thousands of wrongful deaths,

  it has injured into the hundreds of thousands.

           When the public finally realizes an entire nation was sold a defective

  device based on performance lies and rigged fire testing, will the revulsion

  be at least as profound as what the pedophile priests experienced?”

Richard M. Patton

Fire Protection Engineer, President,

The Crusade Against Fire Deaths

America's Deadliest Betrayal

When you go to work or to your local shopping center, chances are most of these commercial

buildings will be properly protected from fire with sprinklers and photoelectric smoke alarms.

Tragically most homes do not have sprinklers or photoelectric smoke alarms.

Read the stunning story of how hundreds of thousands of lives have been needlessly

lost because proper fire protection has been deliberately kept out of the home.


The Beginning of

a Revolution in

Fire Protection


How Fire Officials

Helped Kill More

Than 500,000 Americans and Exported Their Corruption Globally

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free fire industry reports here:


"I would like to say that we invented

 the concept (a residential fire sprinkler

 system) but we didn't. We borrowed

 it from a gentleman by the name of

 Richard M. Patton."

  Ronny J Coleman, former California State Fire Marshal and

  former President, International Association of Fire Chiefs

R.M. Patton FPE

FPC Magazine's

Person of the Year 2001

Fire Protection Contractor Magazine

The Most Widely Read Fire-Sprinkler Industry Publication

San Francisco’s famous Transamerica building was one of the first high-rise

buildings ever fitted with a sprinkler system specifically designed to save life,

not property and was made possible with Patton’s ‘Life Safety Sprinkler System’

Patton's Life Safety Sprinkler System

America's Deadliest Betrayal

Part One:

How Fire Officials Helped Kill Over 500,000

Americans and Exported Their Corruption Globally

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America's Deadliest Betrayal

Part 2

The Beginning of a Revolution in Fire Protection






There are serial killers and then there are serial killers. Some kill a few, some kill many and then there are those who kill hundreds of thousands and especially destroy the children. Our incredibly stupid and corrupted fire codes are the granddaddy of the killers. When the ways that the fire codes kill are examined the number one killer that comes to mind is the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). NFPA is the killer extraordinaire.


The NFPA is the organization that helped sell deadly so-called “smoke” detectors into at least 100 million U.S. homes. At least 80 thousand lives have so far been lost within homes where the phony smoke detectors failed to warn at all or in time for escape.

Why would the NFPA produce codes to help sell deadly devices into American homes? The answer is the profit margins are really good. What few understand is that voting representatives from the very organizations that profit from fire sit on the NFPA code writing committees. They write their own wares into the fire codes. Then when the fire inspector or the plan reviewer mandate the use of the systems and devices that are written into the codes they automatically sell what the con men put there. It is a multibillion dollar sales program, not a system to reduce fire. Unfortunately, the NFPA and its partner in crimes, Underwriters’ Laboratories (and cooperating profit making businesses) have grown wealthy as the people burned.


During 1 New York Plaza high-rise fire of 5 August 1970, super sensitive elevator call button was activated by the smoke automatically calling a car to the fire floor. Once the elevator door opened the smoke blocked the light beam between the outer and inner door preventing the elevator door from closing. I believe two deaths were the result. Massive publicity followed and there were calls for the elevator industry to revise the elevators to make them safe during a fire. The elevator industry feared that all elevators would have to be reprogrammed and the shafts pressurized under fire conditions (to prevent smoke from entering) so that the elevators would become safe exiting systems. High rise stairways are near impossible exits during a fire because the stack effect draws smoke into the stairways. Pressurizing the stairways to prevent smoke entry will not work because multiple open doors will kill the pressurization. In elevator shafts the elevator itself will block the opening, thus pressurizing will keep the shafts smoke free.


However, the elevator industry executives decided that it would be far cheaper to simply program the elevators to drop to the ground floor the moment a fire alarm sounded. They put together a committee to write an elevator “safety code” calling for all elevators to automatically drop to the ground floor under fire conditions. Obviously, the industry could not be sued for someone being killed on an elevator during a fire if the elevators were all sitting on the ground floor. They then sold the code to the fire chiefs on the basis that the firefighters would then have complete control of all elevators. Did anyone worry about the one possible reliable and efficient exiting system being removed from service during a fire; thus stranding all the potential victims on the upper floors? Apparently not, profits from fire, not safety are the main motivation behind the fire codes.

The obvious solution to any building fire is an automatic fire control system – a fire sprinkler system. For 60 years I devoted all my energies to making fire sprinkler systems very economical and very easy to install. I created, engineered and field tested proved and installed Life Safety (sprinkler) Systems that could be installed at prices often only 1/10th the cost of the NFPA code required systems. These systems would all but completely eliminate the fire danger within buildings. They had reliability in excess of 99%. The NFPA, the fire sprinkler industry and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) employed every trick in the books to kill the marketing of these systems.


I developed for the first time a residential fire sprinkler system to save lives within homes. A major sprinkler installation company (Central Sprinkler Corp.) priced out the material and labor cost of a Patton LSS for a 3 bedroom home at below $400.00 (1970s prices). So, for less than $400.00 a home could have been made essentially 100% fire safe and, at the time probably 4000 kids were burning to death within American homes. About 20,000 were ending up in burn wards. You will find attached a 1981 report that explains in considerable detail how and why the NFPA and others (who were exploiting the fire problem for profits, perks and paychecks killed my affordable Life Safety System. This report confirms that the NFPA (and others) that profit from fire at actually corrupted the fire codes for profits at a cost in human life.


Does it make a difference whether you kill directly or by an indirect method? Is the man who slashes with a knife more evil than a man who puts cyanide poison into a Tylenol bottle on a drugstore shelf? Is a man who shoots his victim with a gun worse than the man who lies to a homeowner and sells a phony smoke detector into a home to protect his children from horrible deaths?


I am also attaching a 1970s report explaining why the high rise is so dangerous and how it should be properly protected. Of course the conclusions within this report were predominantly disputed and disparaged by the “Fire Club”. The “club” does not see fire as the enemy; they see the solutions as enemies. I believe that at the time this report was written the NFPA had been 100% successful at preventing fire sprinkler systems from being installed in high rise office buildings, high rise hotels and high rise apartment buildings and nearly all other places of human assembly.


There are two changes I would make today within these reports. At the time (early 1970s) I had not yet discovered that the ionization type so-called smoke detector was a scam. The second change I would make is related to the fast acting sprinkler that was developed.  I misjudged the way it would be employed to help kill my LSS. The NFPA created code regulations mandating the use of the fast head in homes and they required a too large orifice size so that at minimum pressure (only 7 psi) the discharge (for two required sprinklers) would be far in excess of the amount of water that a normal home water line would provide.


Thus, either a second (packaged) water supply would have to be purchased or a much larger water line (possibly 2 inch at a much greater monthly water charge) would apply. Either solution was a “killer” of the home sprinkler system. By killing an affordable residential sprinkler system and by substituting a phony smoke detector for reliable detection devices the NFPA guaranteed a continued high burn rate in America. This in turn guaranteed a fire problem that created a cash flow due to fire that was probably in excess of two hundred billion dollars a year within the United State alone. What do few dead kids count when the dollars flow by the billions?


Getting back to the most recent Grenfell Towers disaster, I believe that if honest investigations are conducted it will be discovered that there are many other similar tragedies in the making out there. And I predict that, as usual, the government authorities will cover their own roles of this disaster and will concentrating on punishing the owners (who assumed that when they complied with the regulations they were building a fire safe building). When the bureaucrats can hide their own crimes and blame others, the problems do not get solved.



Richard M. Patton,

Professional Engineer, Ohio (retired)

Professional Fire Protection Engineer (CA)

Author, The American Home is a Firetrap

Rmpatton7@gmail.com  |  June 23, 2017

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