The R.T.A. Says Tenants Must:
"Advise the property owner/manager

 if there is any issue with the alarm

 (apart from batteries)."

The QFES Recommends that:
"ionization smoke alarms be

 replaced with a photoelectric

 type as soon as possible."

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Tenant's / Property Manager's 'Smoke Alarm Safety Letter'

Warning Landlord's and Property Manager's About ionization Alarms

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Jillian Ginn  | Mother,  Brisbane, Queensland  |  18 March 2017

I thought I was protecting my family . . .

Jillian Ginn

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. . . by having ionization smoke alarms in my home.  My son would be

alive if I had photoelectric alarms instead - as our devastating fire

was a smouldering fire which would have been detected earlier with photoelectric technology. I strongly urge all landlords to make sure

they only have photoelectric smoke alarms in all their properties.

Why Tenants are Dying in Rentals Fitted

with 'Working' ionization Smoke Alarms

"This one here is the ionization . . . we want

these banned . . . get it out of your home."

Louie Naumovski, Logan House Fire Support Network Founder, warning that 'working'

ionization smoke alarms should be banned due to failure to activate in real-world fires

Australian Senate Smoke Alarm Inquiry

Brisbane Hearing  |  LHFSN Testimony   |  24 October 2015

Louie Naumovski's Video Testimony

Debunking 'Working Smoke Alarms' Myth

LHFSN's Written Submission About Deaths in Rented

Properties Fitted with 'Working' ionization Smoke Alarms

"...For Thirty Years The Truth Has

Been Kept From The Public."

David Isaac, Australia's Leading Fire Safety Expert Discussing Flawed Smoke Alarm Standards

01:37 David Isaac, Standards Australia Committee FP002

"In 1976 the U.S. government funded testing of smoke alarms in typical residential applications. And in 1976 they discovered that the ionization smoke alarm had an inability to detect smoke from typical smoldering fires . . . and for thirty years this information has been kept from the public. . ."

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